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Stick it to the tax man

Folks tend to get creative at tax time. Usually, though, the innovation involves entries on Form 1040 and associated schedules.

But one crafty woman has come up with another way we can stick it to the tax man.

Tax man pincushion Erin, who's known as sewsewsuckurtoe on Etsy, has created the Tax Man pin cushion you see there to the right.

She says that the idea came to her "at tax time when I was busy sewing voodoo doll pin cushions and took a break to write those wonderful checks that needed to be mailed in before April 15th."

Now while the inspiration for the tax man sewing accessory arrived while she was stitching up some black magic items, Erin is quick to note that any poking should be just for fun.

So please, don't go trying to put a spell on any IRS, or state of local, tax collection agents! Simply use this item to vent your tax-filing frustration.

Hat tip: Dan Ray, CreditCards.com

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