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On my way home

I love the ocean. To a kid who grew up in the desert terrain of West Texas, that's what the Gulf of Mexico was, the ocean.

So I was thrilled when I was asked to come to Corpus Christi for a speaking gig. And I had a good time here the last couple of days, meeting South Texas CPAs and telling the local chapter of the Texas Society of CPAs about the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel.

But the weather totally sucked! Rainy, cold (for this part of the country; that disclaimer is for my Midwestern and Northeastern friends!) and windy.

So I'm heading home to Austin.

I've got a couple of blog posts in the works, but I want to get home. When I do, I'll get them posted, along with today's tax tip and the latest software giveaway winner.

Please check back later this afternoon when I'll be back home and back in full blogging mode!


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Toni, thanks so much. It was great meeting you. I hope you'll consider applying to TAP. We can always use the contributions of tax pros. And please let me or TAP know if you have any suggestions for improving the IRS. Kay

Toni McIntyre, CPA, E. A.

I sure enjoyed your presentation.

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