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Tax Carnival #65: Presidents Day 2010

More tax software to give away!

Sad you didn't win one of the tax preparation software giveaways I handed out over the last few weeks? Well it's time to get happy!

The folks at Intuit have sent me five prepaid cards, each of which will allow you access to the company's TurboTax Premier online 2009 filing software.

The system is much like the boxed program, only you don't have to load or download anything to your computer. Just sign on to and do your taxes. Each prepaid card will get you one free federal and state tax return preparation and e-file.

Now the important stuff. What you need to do to win one.

E-mail me.

That's right. We're smack dab in the middle of tax season and none of us has time to mess around. So I'm making my giving away and your winning of a TurboTax online prepaid card as easy as possible for all of us.

So just e-mail me at

Type "I want TurboTax" in the subject line.

Include your mailing address in the e-mail message. That way we won't have to go back and forth before I know where to send the card, which I'll do via first-class mail.

I see some folks balking a bit. Don't worry. This isn't some sneaky way to to find out where you live. Unless you're my next-door neighbor, I don't really care. And I swear I won't use your mailing address for anything else, not even to send you a Christmas card next December.

In fact, as soon as the contest is over Friday evening, I'll delete all the mailing addresses.

Send only one e-mail, please. Duplicate entries will be deleted. But you'll still get more chances to win even if your name doesn't come up in the first drawing. In that case, you'll be eligible for the next one and the three others after that if you don't win the second giveaway either.

I'll give one TurboTax card away for five straight days beginning tomorrow, Monday, Feb. 15, through Friday, Feb. 19.

On Monday, I'll take the e-mails I've received by 8 p.m. Central Time and, using a random selection program, pick the winner for that day. The time will be determined by the "time received" stamp on the e-mail.

As I mentioned a couple paragraphs earlier, if you don't win the first drawing, your entry will be added to the next group of folks who e-mail me. This rollover process will continue for each of the subsequent giveaway days.

I'll also list each prepaid card recipient's name, first only (or last initial if there are multiple folks with the same name) in the blog posts announcing that we do indeed have winners.

If you've already won something from me this year, you're not eligible for this or any other contests we hold in 2010. And once you win a TurboTax card, you're not eligible for additional giveaways I might conduct this year.

Sorry, but I like spreading the tax-related wealth (so to speak) around.

As with my earlier giveaways, I'm following this lawyer's suggestions for running contests and will make the names of all entrants (but no e-mail or snail mail addresses) available to anyone who asks. Similarly, I'll maintain records of the randomly selected winners and how they were chosen in case anyone is interested.

Finally, I'm not getting anything from Intuit except the five prepaid TurboTax cards that I'll pass along to five lucky Don't Mess With Taxes giveaway winners next week.

Good luck!


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