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Making the WSJ tax blog list

Tax manuals with personality. That's how the Wall Street Journal's Yoree Koh describes tax blogs that, "with their pithy analysis, can be a great to way make sense of regulatory changes and acronyms."

To that end, Koh recently selected The Top Five Accounting Blogs. Appearing at number three on the list is, ta-dah!, Don't Mess With Taxes.

Here's the blurb from, the newspaper's new finance sector career site:

Don't Mess With Taxes: Though tax professionals hardly need tax advice, the colorful news items and perspective dispensed by Kay Bell, a self-proclaimed tax geek and native Texan, makes this site worth the visit. The blog's roundup of humorous and wonky industry news items is a refreshing take on an otherwise dry business. Sprinkled in are tips on how to make the work less tedious. For a straight-talk approach, Bell has a second blog, Eye on the IRS.

Making the list is thrilling on its own. But when you look at the other four blogs cited by Koh, I am especially honored and humbled. They are:

Thanks for the very kind words. I promise to do my best to remain entertaining and stay on top of wonky tax tidbits.


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Michelle H

Thanks for putting the top tax blogs out there for those looking for accurate info.

David A.Lawrence

To whom it my concern : A compromise, please extend the current tax rates for five years for all. In five years the (rates) may change for a gross income per. year of $1,000,000 or more. Although very five years after that these rates could change,giving individuals and business a look forward to any new expenses incurred. Thank you for your time,David A.Lawrence


Congratulations! Nice blog...

Wes Masters

Congrats Kay! That's very cool. You deserve it.

steve kroll

Please tell me some of the ways that I can increase the 401k contributions , but not reduce my take home pay. I think that it has something to do with the number of my exemptions that I choose, am I correct?


Congratulations, Kay.

You deserve to be on any list of the top tax blogs.

Nice job.

Dan Ray

Congratulations, Kay! You've made tax geek chic.

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