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Oscars idiocy and a half-hearted hooray for Hollywood tax breaks

Happy 97th birthday, income tax

Cake full of candles_strangecsomos The 16th Amendment, which authorizes the collection of an income tax, was ratified on this day in 1913.

Happy 97th!

And yes, as I noted a few days ago in The ever-growing tax code, the income tax is legal. Let it go, tax protesters. Let. It. Go.

So here's a blog toast to the Internal Revenue Code, the continual tweaking of which by Congress has made tax-related professions about the safest jobs in the United States!

Thanks to International Tax Blog (via Tax Update Blog) for the birthday reminder.

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Steve Williams

Many will say the same bill was not ratified by 2/3 of the states. But it doesn't matter, the supreme court would never ever hear it.

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