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Connecticut tax tidbit: shaming scofflaws

Connecticut flag Connecticut apparently has been taking tax collection advice from my mother, who's always believed in the power of what others think of you (or her kids). Nutmeg State tax officials are big advocates of publicizing information about folks who haven't paid their tax bills.

The state maintains two tax delinquents lists, one for individuals and another for businesses. Each list contains the names, addresses and amount due (total of taxes, interest and penalties) of folks or firms who've had tax debts overdue for at least 90 days and whose appeal rights have expired.

Some of the nonpayers owe substantial sums. Topping the individuals list is an almost $3 million bill. The next five delinquents each owe Connecticut more than $1 million.

But just in case the shame of having your name or company listed on a Connecticut Department of Revenue Services tax deadbeat list isn't enough to get you to pony up, the state also isn't shy about taking the next step.

On its current tax home page, Connecticut officials have three separate posts announcing arrests of tax delinquents.

In announcing the latest arrest, Revenue Commissioner Richard Nicholson warned residents that while the state "would prefer that taxpayers voluntarily report their tax obligations to the state, taxpayers should be aware that we will use every tool at our disposal to ensure that Connecticut tax laws are being followed."

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"A minimum penalty of $50.00 or 10% of your total tax liability, whichever is greater; and
Interest on all late taxes due each jurisdiction. The interest rate is 1% per month. Under IFTA, you are charged a full month's interest for each month or part of a month your report is late. "

So I see they've made arrests and posted such, but for minor ammounts under four hundred owed how do they go about collections?

I'm curious as I now live out of state with no plans ever to return to the state and would prefer not to pay them. Don't worry, even if I don't pay them the moral score still stands with connecticut raping me.

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