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I'm a Best Tax Blog finalist!

Wow! What a nice way to start a week. I've just learned that Don't Mess With Taxes is a finalist for 2009's best tax blog

Plutus-Awards-icon The honor comes via The Plutus Awards, brainchild of Flexo at Consumerism Commentary.

The Plutus Awards, whose name was inspired by the Greek god of wealth, was created to recognize the best in both blogging and financial products. Finalists were announced today.

I am honored to find the ol' blog in such fine tax blogging company as Joe Taxpayer, Good Financial Cents, Taxgirl and My Dollar Plan.

Not to sound like those Hollywood types who at the Academy Awards ceremony in a couple of weeks will be saying "it's an honor to just be nominated," but it is! There will be, however, an eventual winner and you can have a say in the outcome.

Voting on The Plutus Awards will begin Wednesday, Feb. 24. I'll be sure to remind you of that in a couple of days!


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Tax Accountant NJ

Congrats with the nomination. With how much your blog contributes to the tax blogging blogosphere, i say you definitely deserve to be nominated, if not to win.


Smeba, didn't win :( but happy to be a finalist.


How did you go with the award last year? I had a look at the results page but couldn't see you there?


haven't seen the film, so I can't offer an opinion of it.

bob max

What are your thoughts on the new tax documentary coming out?

An Inconvenient Tax

Wes Masters

Congrats Kay! You deserve it.


Congratulations on being a finalist! It was a well earned accolade. You consistently put out quality tax related articles, which is why I'm subscribed to your blog. Keep up the great work!


I have always enjoyed your blog.

You come up with interesting subjects and explain it in a normal way for idiots like me to understand

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