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Tax software giveaway time!

Are you ready to e-file your taxes? If you are but haven't picked up any tax software yet, I've got a deal for you. 

Completetax I have 15 access codes for CompleteTax online tax preparation and filing software, courtesy the nice folks at CCH.

CCH is widely known in the tax geek world for its tax, accounting and audit information, as well as the software and services it offers tax professionals. But its consumer tax prep package, CompleteTax, got good marks in this review.

Each access code will let the lucky winner prepare and file one federal and one state tax return using the CompleteTax version of your choice.

So what have you got to do to win one of these codes? E-mail me.That's right. It's just that simple. (Yeah, I know. Now you, too, are stuck with Ross Perot's image and voice in your head! Sorry.) I know tax season is hectic for all of us, so I'm going to make this as easy as possible for you and me.

E-mail me at

Type "I want CompleteTax" in the subject line.

Send only one e-mail, please. Duplicate entries will be deleted. Don't worry. I'll explain in a minute how this isn't going to keep you from winning codes 2 through 14 if you're not the lucky recipient of our first giveaway.

One code a day will be given away each weekday starting next Monday, Jan. 25. That means the contest will run through Friday, Feb. 12.

Alarm clock ringing On Monday, I'll take the e-mails I've received by 3 p.m. Central Time and, using a random selection program, pick the winner for that day. The time will be determined by the "time received" stamp on the e-mail. No, it's not an atomic clock, but it's more accurate than the beat-up old analog alarm sitting on my desk.

If you don't win in the first drawing, as I said earlier, don't worry. Your e-mail entry is in for the duration. That is, all the folks who don't get a CCH CompleteTax code on Monday, Jan. 25, will be added to the group of folks who e-mail me between 3:01 p.m. that day and 3 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 26. Everyone, both first giveaway hopefuls and subsequent entrants, will be thrown into that next day's random picking pool. This rollover process will continue throughout the 15 giveaway days.

I will notify each winner by e-mail. His or her first name (and last initial if there are multiple Janes and Johns who enter) also will be posted on the ol' blog when I announce the daily winners.

Once you win, you're not eligible for additional CompleteTax codes or any other giveaways I might conduct during 2010. Sorry, but I like spreading the freebies around.

Per this lawyer's suggestions for running contests, I'll keep the names of all entrants and will make them (but no e-mail addresses) available to anyone who asks. Similarly, I'll maintain the record of the randomly selected winners and how they were chosen in case anyone is interested.

Finally, I'm not getting anything from CCH except the 15 access code numbers that I'll pass along to 15 fortunate Don't Mess With Taxes giveaway winners.

Good luck!


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Sure, spread the word!

Zahid Lilani

This is a steal considering how things are these days. Do I have your permission to publicize this giveaway on my tax blog? I would like to tell me readers about this opportunity.

Thanks in advance.

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