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Skeleton_hand_pointing_Dvortygirl Taxes can be scary, sort of like that skeleton hand there to the right. But if you follow that creepy pointing pile of bones, it'll direct you to the Daily Tax Tip, which should help alleviate some of your tax fears.

Yep, we're up to tip #4, right over there to your right. Yeah, in that next column. There at top.

This is the last day that this announcement post will be up here leading off the ol' blog's postings, but the Daily Tax Tip, via Bankrate's Annual Tax Guide (and yes, I write them), will continue to be a feature throughout the spring filing season.

That means a tasty tax tidbit through April 15, as I mentioned earlier this week when the series started.

So check out a new tax tip every week day. But not too early; I'm not a morning person! And not on federal holidays, either; we follow the IRS rules in that regard!

Skeleton hand image courtesy Dvortygirl


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Christine Simiriglia

This is a terrific site and resource. Thanks. Here are some additional organizing tips for tax stuff that your readers might find useful:

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