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10 worst tax ideas of 2009

10 states in big financial trouble

In my decade of taxes post yesterday, I threw in a bonus comment on state fiscal concerns.

Today, in her Tax Loopholes blog, Diane Kennedy listed the 10 states she says are the most dangerous to live in right now, at least fiscally-speaking. They are:

  •  California
  • Oklahoma
  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Hawaii
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • Colorado
  • Michigan

Check out Diane's post for details on exactly why these states are in such dire financial shape.

And what happens when states have money troubles? You got it. They will be more creative in seeking out new tax sources and more aggressive in collecting taxes already in place.

For some, it appears that 2010 is starting off on the same shaky fiscal foundation upon which 2009 ended. Here's hoping they can shore things up as the year progresses.

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Rodney, thanks for the bad link. I've fixed it. Here it is http://www.usataxaid.com/ustaxaid-blog/diane-kennedy-ustaxaid-blog/the-10-worst-states-to-live-in/


I couldn't find Dian Kennedy's article, the link is broken (error 404).

Penny Stocks

Excellent post.I agree, taxes will go up. It's a shame some of our elected officials are selling the American taxpayer out.

Joe Tax Lawyer

Great post. I live in Illinois and it's no wonder we are in trouble when we hand out money (TARP, etc.) so freely.

I agree, taxes will go up. It's a shame some of our elected officials are selling the Amercian taxpayer out.

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