Happy Christmas Eve!
Christmas with Austin's wild holiday trees

The 12 Tax Tips of Christmas 2009

In 2009, we inaugurated a new feature, The 12 Tax Tips of Christmas.

In case you missed them when they ran, from Dec. 13 through Christmas Eve, we've collected them here.

  1. Sell assets
  2. Improve your home
  3. Spend your FSA
  4. Be charitable
  5. Do a mock return
  6. Watch out for AMT issues
  7. Defer income
  8. Make house payments early
  9. Bunch your expenses
  10. Get ready to retire
  11. Buy a car
  12. Hire a pro

Some of the tips have an obvious year-end appeal and one, #11, is 2009 specific. But in most other instances, the tax advice is good any time of the year.


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