The 12 Tax Tips of Christmas:
#9 Bunch your expenses
Last-minute gifts for your tax geek

Tax Carnival #61: Stocking Stuffers 2009

'Twas four nights before Christmas and all across the 'Net,
Tax geeks were searching for all the info they could get.
The stockings were hung at Don't Mess With Taxes with care,
In hopes that the Tax Carnival would soon be there.

And, with sincerest apologies to poet Clement C. Moore, the 61st Tax Carnival: Stocking Stuffers 2009 is finally here!

Yes, it's a bit later than planned, but it has lots of presents, nicely wrapped if I say so myself, for all you good tax boys and girls.

Since my life is a bit out of control right now, I'm extending the Christmas-time chaos to the Tax Carnival, so these stockings and the tax goodies they contain are in no particular order. But holiday surprises are always fun, right?

So let's see what all Santa's tax elves have left for us.

Stocking3 Stacie says Let's Talk Fuller Lips, Larger Breasts, Slimmer Thighs, and H.R. 3590 (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), posted at More Tax Tips.

Need some accounting help this holiday season, or after? Anthony has for us his selection of the Top 50 Blogs for Accountants, posted at The Biz-learner.

Gavin R. Putland wonders What if GST and payroll tax are unconstitutional? Gavin's in Australia, but says the suggested solution has some features in common with the U.S. Fairtax proposal. Details at On Line Opinion.

Keith has some advice gathered via a Twitter chat about Money Resolutions: Stick To It This Time! Among the recommendations are some tax tidbits. It's posted at LifeTuner.

David has some advice for UK visitors, specifically how to get a Tax Rebate when Leaving the Country. It's posted at UK Tax Blog.

Stocking6 Mary tells us about 8 Painless Ways To Cut Your Electric Bill This Winter, one of which could get you a nice tax credit. It's posted at Construction Management Degrees.

Jeff Rose offers us Tax Planning Demystified, posted at Good Financial Cents.

Many people are aware of the child tax credit, says Patrick, but they might miss some other child-related tax credits and deductions. So he's rounded them up in Tax Tips for Children and Newborns. It's posted at Cash Money Life.

"We've decided to accelerate appropriate 2010 tax deductions to 2009 to maximize our Schedule A itemized deductions, and take the standard deduction for married filing joint in 2010," says Super Saver. Find details in Accelerating Tax Deductions to 2009, posted at My Wealth Builder.

Stocking1 BWL takes a look at Charitable Contributions and the Tax Benefit, posted at Christian Personal Finance.

Silicon Valley Blogger reminds us we can Make A Car Donation and Get Tax Relief! Details are at The Digerati Life.

Amanda shares with us 3 Do It Yourself Tasks to Save $170 Per Year, with a chunk of that money coming from tax filing. Thanks to Amanda for telling us about this post at My Dollar Plan.

Nick Ottens says high taxes mean it's not good to be rich in Britain in Brown Bashing the Rich. It's posted at Atlantic Sentinel.

The Smarter Wallet looks at giving A 529 College Savings Plan As A Child's Gift, posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Stocking6 Robert D Flach has a Christmas present for taxpayers with rental property. He takes a look at Deducting Expenses for Rental of a Mixed Use Vacation Home, posted at The Internet Guide to IRS Schedule E.

Dan Meyer tells us Taxpayers Get that Hope (Tax Credit) less Feeling, posted at Tick Marks.

The clergy is especially busy during the holidays, but their tax concerns are year-round. "Ministers have a whole different set of deductions and exemptions to worry about. Here are a few of them," says Peter, who presents Tax Considerations For Ministers, posted at Bible Money Matters.

Miranda asks Do You Really Need to Itemize Your Income Taxes this Time? Find out at Personal Dividends. And thanks Arohan for directing us to this item.       

Stocking8 Madeleine Begun Kane brings us Counted Out (Limerick), a bit of accounting verse posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Americans' love of a bargain can be found even on tax day, says Anthony Samuel in Tax Day Discounts: Celebrating the Un-Celebratable. It's posted at Personal Finance Analyst.

Getting a bonus at work? There could be tax considerations says Julia Kingston in Say Goodbye to the Bonus, posted at Gray Matters.

Speaking of bonuses, Darwin ponders Should the US Adopt a "Bonus Tax" Like Europe is Enacting? "What would a UK-styled 'Bonus-Tax do to the U.S. workforce?  It would be pretty scary indeed," he says. Find out more at Darwin's Finance.

Stocking4 My Journey has a fitting holiday topic: Gift Laws and Taxes Made Simple. It's posted at My Journey to Millions.

Lifestyles offers tips on How to Protest Your Property Taxes and Win, posted at Lifestyles Unlimited.

Madison gives up 17 Tips for End of Year Tax Planning, posted at My Dollar Plan.

Mike offers "a plain-English explanation of the differences between a Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA. It's posted at Compare IRAs.

FMF has a package of Fourteen Tax Management Techniques, posted at Free Money Finance.

And with that, we wrap up the final Tax Carnival of 2009. But we'll be back next year. Our first Tax Carnival of 2010 is just around the corner, on Jan. 4. You can help us welcome in the new tax-filing season by sending your tax post via our Blog Carnival form. Before you send in your tax post, check out our Tax Carnival archives, as well as the the submission guidelines.

Images of handmade stockings
courtesy of The Christmas Corner

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The Smarter Wallet

Thanks for the great carnival Kay! Happy New Year :) .


Thanks for hosting, and love the holiday theme! :)


Kay, Thanks for including the article from Personal Dividends in the carnival. There are some awesome stories here.

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