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Happy 4th Blog Birthday to Me!

Fourth-4th-birthday_candlesActually, it's happy belated birthday. Things were so crazy last month, between preparations for the coming tax-filing season and our ongoing home repairs, that I totally forgot the ol' blog's fourth birthday.

The big day officially rolled around on Nov. 14. But on that Saturday about a month ago, I was busy blogging about the tax troubles of an old movie star (sorry Zsa Zsa, but it's true, both on the age and tax fronts) and a former political pundit.

I usually follow the adage that age is only important if you're cheese or wine. But Don't Mess With Taxes is my baby, so I can't just blow off its fourth birthday. Maybe when the ol' blog really is old, or at least a teenager, I'll let Nov. 14ths slide right by.

Today, though, I'm celebrating. Sometimes things do get hectic, but I'm always thinking about what I can post here to inform, entertain and provide you practical help in cutting your taxes.

Thanks for reading for these last four years. Your support, as well as all your suggestions on what tax insight and advice you want and need has been a great gift, on every blog birthday as well as every other day.

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Thanks, Evan, for your very kind words. They are a great birthday gift!


Happy blog birthday Kay! I love your site so you better keep it up for another 4 years

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