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A rising TAP star

TAP The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel will continue to grow and do good work on behalf of taxpayers because we have members like Justin Axelrod.

Who did I see when I walked into the lobby of the D.C. hotel where TAP is holding its annual meeting but Justin. Of course he's here early for the meeting. He's totally committed to TAP.

Justin just completed his legal studies at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, all the while promoting TAP every chance he got (or made). You can be sure he'll still be doing as much as he can while he prepares for the bar exam.

Yes, Justin is a certified tax geek. And at age 25, he's the youngest member ever appointed to the Panel. That's a great thing, because he's among those who are helping bring TAP into the 21st century and to new audiences.

Justin touts TAP incessantly on Facebook. He does the same on his blog, Just-in-Time with Justin.

Talking about TAP success: A recent post, which was cited by TaxProf (guaranteeing that Justin's law school profs and peers will see it), lists some of the ways that TAP has helped improve the IRS.

They range from tax relief for young newspaper carriers to clarification of audit appointment scheduling issues to creation of a consolidated information source for folks who've endured a disaster to easier reporting for small businesses to making requests for more time to file easier.

Those are just a few of the TAP-initiated or supported improvements to the IRS. Check out details on these and the rest of TAP's accomplishments at Just-in-Time with Justin.

And join me in thanking Justin for all his energy and good work on behalf of us all.

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Thanks, Toni. Got your email and as for your question, I'll check and get back to you.

Toni McIntyre

Speaking of audit appointments. I'm sure I remember that it at least used to be the case that if requested a correspondence audit had to be transfered so there could be a face-to-face meeting. Do you know if that is still the case? If so, do you know the cite?

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