Giving thanks for tax amnesties
Streamlining various state sales taxes

Texas, taxes, close enough

What a difference one little letter makes.

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Where's Vanna and her supply of vowels when you really need them?

Texas-sized thanks: On this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for every chance to laugh, thrilled that I'm back home in Texas and grateful that most of the time I can spell easy words, although the hubby, my unofficial copy editor, still catches plenty of blog uh-ohs, usually before they're posted.

I'm also thankful for friends, both real life and electronic. And on this holiday, two of them, @mxwll and @mbhunter, get big Thanksgiving thanks for tipping me to this great photo.

Here's wishing all y'all a wonderful Texas-sized, non-taxing and fail-free Thanksgiving holiday!

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Hah! Glad you enjoyed. Happy Thanksgiving!

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