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Tax Twitter Tuesday 10.20.2009

Twitter bird Welcome to our second Tax Twitter Tuesday.

As noted in the inaugural edition on Sept. 15, I gather tax info and comments from the popular social networking program Twitter. Then on the third Tuesday of each month, the Tweets become a blog post here at Don't Mess With Taxes.

If you tweet taxes, all you have to do is keep doing what you're doing. Based on how much time I waste spend networking on the site, I should run across your 140 character (or less) tax bon mots.

To make sure I do, you can "at" me; that is, include my Twitter ID @taxtweet in your Tweet, or if we follow each other on Twitter, you can send it to me via direct message there.

OK, enough already with the preliminaries. Let's get to Tax Twitter Tuesday

@joebewan Film credits, hayseeds and sophisticates: The Wall Street Journal editorial page picks up on Iowa's film credit.. http://bit.ly/11N0a0

@TaxPolicyCenter 96% of the estate tax burden falls on the top cash income quintile: http://bit.ly/16MAgR

@Stacies_TaxTips What Does An Accountant Really Do? Fave Rerun: By Stacie Clifford Kitts, CPA I’m not sure who Chloe Dowley is or.. http://bit.ly/3w714o

@hleahy in 2007 via #taxprof TIGTA: 92,000 Taxpayers Claimed $204m in Unsubstantiated Car Donations http://bit.ly/3AyDoc

@taxgirl New health care ad airs opposing excise tax: http://bit.ly/Y5CdM

@Taxlady120 IRS Scam Now World's Biggest E-mail Virus Problem - http://shar.es/1v9hF

@EvolutionWealth Tax Savings, It's In The Paycheck? http://ow.ly/q2lT

Contemplating some tax-favored retirement plan moves? Several Tweeple are:

@CLT_CPA Reasons NOT to convert to a Roth IRA in 2010 http://bit.ly/2Ec5Rx

@MoneySmart Roth IRA conversion tips http://bit.ly/mSPUp

@BlankenshipFP Good news for 401(k) plan participants seeking advice: http://ow.ly/q2T

A couple Tweeple note the ever-present connection of crime and taxes. Insert your own IRS joke here.

@ThePayrollGuy A local CPA busted for filing a bookie's returns improperly. It's the taxes that get ya, not the illegal gambling?

@michellegolden Yup! Same reason "alternative" farmers make sure they pay their taxes too. We can prob thank Al Capone for these lessons.

Now back to the tax straight and narrow.

@verseconsulting Tax: 'has it fueled the financial crisis?' asks global accountancy body. Thought provoking article. http://bit.ly/2WzCyD

RussDanielNC @TaxGuyCPA @taxgirl @taxtweet Sullivan from Senate Fin Committee staff told SFTI conference "zero chance cap gains rate hike b4 2011."

@ronideutch Tax Recordkeeping Tips http://bit.ly/1KF2de

@EDavisCPA News You Can Use Roundup: Going Green, Tax Credit, Dow Surge, Sm. Biz Burnout, & Balloon Boy. http://bit.ly/K7wqZ

@TaxDebtBlog #Tax The Minnesota Investor: New rules could change estate payouts - Minneapolis Star Tribune http://bit.ly/pU2SB

@Green_Panda Do you file your own taxes? Do you know the difference between a tax deduction &exemption? http://su.pr/2yHq1f Great comments @fcn

@TheTaxCPA New blog post: CPAs , Personality Disorders, and Social Media http://bit.ly/KazTz

Pardon me for the shameless plug via one of our Tax Twitter Tuesday contributors:

@JoeTaxpayerBlog RT @taxtweet: from my blog Should rich homeowners get a bigger mortgage interest deduction? http://tinyurl.com/ykkpyot  >> excellent article!

As thanks for that promo Joe, I'll give you another Tweet:

@JoeTaxpayerBlog RT @SaveMyFlexPlan: FSAs being capped to pay for #healthreform. More from Hartford Business Journal: http://bit.ly/3atFrI >> bad news.

@CPA_Trendlines rt @TriMergeCPA IRS faces challenge on sole-proprietor expense... http://bit.ly/O6So

@TaxNewz Accountants sue charity for wrongful dismissal - The Associated Press [TAX NEWS - Google News] http://bit.ly/ez9OV

Audits are always fun, right?

@kevinfunnell "Fun" and "audit" go together like "fish" and "bicycle," eh? RT @retheauditors: This is as fun as it gets in PwC Audit http://bit.ly/1HDgQw

@retheauditors See my comment. RT @CPA_Trendlines: #CPA link [FEI]: Fair Value, Audit Committes, Related Parties PCAOB SAG Day 2 http://bit.ly/2z3pKU

The tax pros and professionalism debate is still raging on Twitter, as evidenced by a couple of my Tweeple:

@bruce_taxguy A little Professionalism, if you please. New post - http://bit.ly/5ipT

@rdftaxpro Who Is A Professional - The Final Word! http://bit.ly/1bet2A

To put to rest the charge that Twitter is lightweight, we have an interestding philosopical question:

@Darrin_Mish Updated my blog with Does the IRS play God? http://bit.ly/LsRgb

And while I try to spread the Tax Twitter Tuesday love around, as you noticed earlier, I made an exception. Here's another one.

I just gotta include a repeat offender Tweeter since he expresses a sentiment everyone's shared at some point:

@bruce_taxguy Damn the IRS sometimes. Argh!

At symbol If you do Tweet taxes, thanks! If I missed one of your pithy entries in this edition, sorry! But there's always next month.

We'll be back here on Nov. 17 with a whole lot of Twitter tax tidbits for which we all can be thankful. See you then -- and in between, too, I hope! -- here at the ol' blog and on Twitter.


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