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Low inflation = little change in tax tables

Richard Hatch is free! Again. Sort of

What a year it's been for tawdry tax evaders.

First, "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis cuts a deal for time-served in connection with his tax evasion charges.

And today, the first "Survivor" millionaire was released from Barnstable County Jail where he had been finishing up his 51-month sentence for not reporting his TV winnings.

Although originally sentenced to a federal facility, Hatch spent the last part of his jail time in the local hoosegow because of an apparent violation of an earlier home confinement arrangement.

Now, though, he can at least travel around his home state of Rhode Island while he finishes up three years of supervised release.

Oh yeah. Hatch also has to complete a mental health program. Ya think?

But he's checked out of the Gray Bar Hotel. Now if he'll just keep his mouth shut and pay his taxes, I promise to quit giving him valuable blog space.

And to never type the phrase "fat, naked" here again!

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