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Living_Colour_Cult_of_Personality Who knew that Living Colour was a prophet in addition to being an '80s rock band. But here we are, 20-plus years later, still a global Cult of Personality.

Sometimes those personalities we follow incessantly on TV and the Internet collide with the tax collector. I've blogged about many such cases over the years.

Today, TaxProf Blog has a rundown of the latest famous tax miscreants that slipped by me while I was focusing on other tax events.

Is it just a coincidence that as we approach World Series play, so many baseball players are encountering tax problems?

But they're not alone. Here's your latest fix of celebrity tax curiosity and schadenfreude.

Ron Darling: The former New York Mets pitcher has been hit with a $446,673 IRS tax lien and state liens of $84,860 by California  and $12,664 by New York.

Livan Hernandez: The current Washington Nationals pitcher is facing an IRS tax lien of $307,268 and another from California tax authorities of $30,000.

Darryl Strawberry: The former New York Mets right fielder has had tax liens filed by the IRS for $250,184 and California for $303,839.

Nas: The rapper, whose full name is Nasir Jones, has had an IRS lien of almost $2.6 million filed against him.

Anna Nicole Smith estate: Executors of the late pop culture icon's estate are dealing with an IRS lien of $125,113 and one from California of $43,281.


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