IRS, tax pros preparing for 2010 e-filing
Offshore haven heresy: Taxes!

Blogging program note

I know I promised in yesterday's post on the 2010 e-file testing that I'd elaborate on electronic return submission today.

The best laid plans … .

Life has once again overtaken me and my editorial calendar. I have a story I must finish today, amid the chaos of repairs (well, actually demolition before repairs) of our post-water-heater-leak kitchen.

Then I go and find a story (actually, the hubby found it and passed it along; thanks, honey!) in today's New York Times that bears a bit of a timely blogging mention. Hint: It's about what is probably the world's most famous island tax haven.

This month's Tax Carnival also is looming. It's scheduled to go up on Monday, Oct. 5, and I haven't finished sorting through the submissions.

And it's the first Sunday of the month, when I usually take a quick blog detour to discuss my motorsports column. Preview: It's about ageless racing wonder Mark Martin and one of the mags has posted its digital edition if you're interested.


So I'm taking a deep breath and rescheduling some things.

A little later this afternoon, I'll put up my post on the offshore tax situation.

The Tax Carnival will be posted tomorrow, but probably not until later in the afternoon.

The previously promised elaboration on e-filing developments will go up Tuesday, Oct. 6. (It's now posted!)

And the racing rants and raves of this Crazy Woman Driver will appear next Sunday in conjunction with NASCAR's Chase for the Championship visit to the Fontana, Calif., track.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Now back to the grindstone.


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