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Personal Finance Carnival #223

Can you believe it's been a year since the economy started crumbling? If you lost a job -- or car or house or spouse -- because of financial difficulties, you're all too aware of what has happened over the last 12 months.

Many folks are still struggling, but thanks to the personal finance blogosphere, there has been and continues to be help out there.

That's the focus of Personal Finance Carnival #223, hosted this week by Taking Charge.

In Financial meltdown, a year later, Emily Starbuck Gerson has compiled a very and useful nice collection of recent  personal finance advice.

Some of my favorites are:

Find your own personal pieces of financial help at the full post-meltdown PF Carnival #223.

Who knows, my post on The cost of health care, Senate-style, which made the carnival cut, might just make your favorites list!


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Nicholas Collard

Great article Kay!

Love Financial Highway's "11 Dumb Ways to Get into Debt". I almost fell into reason number 7, but was smart enough to only buy the 47" LCD TV versus the 52". Whew.

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