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9 states of no-tax note ... sort of

It's estimated tax time again

A week from today, on Tuesday, Sept. 15, another estimated tax payment is due.

If you mail your third 2009 tax year 1040-ES voucher, it has to be postmarked by 9/15.

Estimated tax voucher3_Sept

On Monday, a couple of contributors to the 57th Tax Carnival talked about estimated tax issues: CashMoneyLife's Estimated Taxes Guide and Moolanomy's Self-Employment Tax And IRS Estimated Tax Payment.

I've also discussed this issue many times over the years, most recently back in January in Figuring your estimated tax amount.

E-pay is the way: I always mean to mention electronically paying your estimated tax amount earlier so folks who are so inclined can set up an Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, or EFTPS, account. Sorry. Life always seems to get away from me and my good intentions.

If you think EFTPS is for you (and despite some early glitches, I like it; I just scheduled our September 1040-ES payment on Monday before I left for Dallas), ES time means EFTPS enrollment time has enrollment tips and details.

In Dallas talking taxes: As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I'm in Dallas for the next few days at this year's penultimate IRS Nationwide Tax Forum.

I also will spend some time at the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel table telling folks about our efforts to improve IRS processes and gathering more suggestions.

I've been to two of these sessions before and I've learned a lot. When I get home and sort through my notes and materials, I'll be sharing the Forum info and insights with you.


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