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NFL Eagles pass on ex-con tax credit

The City of Philadelphia has a special program that offers employers a $10,000 tax credit if they will hire ex-cons.

The city's National Football League team, however, has decided against taking the money although it now has convicted felon Michael Vick on payroll.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that the Eagles could recoup 0.625 percent of Vick's $1.6 million salary under the Mayor's Office for the Re-entry of Ex-Offenders (MORE) program. A team spokesperson, however, told the paper that's not going to happen.

Given the controversy surrounding the team's signing of Vick, who just got out of federal prison after serving 18 months for his part in a dog-fighting ring, the Eagles probably are wise to value public relations over tax and financial considerations right now.

Hat tip to TaxProf Blog


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It's not very encouraging but hey..everyone needs a job!


It's sad that a football team even has the option to utilize this tax credit.

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