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IRS impostors burglarize house

People posing as IRS agents for nefarious reasons is not news. Such a tactic is a common identity theft phishing technique.

But a couple of criminals in North Carolina recently took the tax agent act to a new level.

Two men allegedly claimed to be IRS agents, stole property from a home and when questioned by neighbors, encouraged them to take what they wanted, too.

The supposed agents told the neighbors it was OK to take the items because the IRS was seizing the property, according to the Statesville Record & Landmark.

The paper reported that while the house had been vacant for a while, some property had apparently been stored there. The IRS impostors took a weed trimmer, jewelry, a chain saw and a utility trailer. The neighbors, meanwhile, helped themselves to furniture as well as food still in the refrigerator.

One neighbor, however, wasn't buying it. He called the police. Once officiers arrived, they made the neighbors return the property.

The fake IRS agents, however, had already left with their loot.


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