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Birmingham, Ala., tax is back

Alabama's Jefferson County, home of Birmingham, can get back to business.

The occupational tax upon which the county had depended even though it had been repealed for years has been replaced by another tax.

As blogged about earlier, Jefferson County kept collecting the tax in the hopes that lawmakers would reauthorize it. They finally did in a just-completed special session.

Before that happened, however, the county had to cut back on services and lay off employees. Now most of the furloughed workers will back on the job.

But the county's tax issue isn't over. Although the invalidated occupational tax has now been replaced by a 0.45 percent tax on all workers in the county, voters eventually will get final say.

In June 2012, Jefferson County residents will get to vote on the new tax. If they say nay, the the levy would be phased out over five years.


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