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Poor little Switzerland

Time for some tasty financial tidbits

Cornucopia (2) The personal finance blog WiseBread has pulled together a nice little cornucopia (is "little cornucopia" an oxymoronic phrase?) of recent fiscal bloggings.

I am pleased to report that my eight divorce tax tips, prompted by Jon and Kate's beakup, was included.

As a cyber amuse-bouche, let me note that the Best of Personal Finance: Summer's Bounty Edition also has bloggings on car salesmen tricks, tips on talking money with your better half and something called a "side hustle."

And no, the spousal conversation and side hustle items do not automatically mean couples will need to read my divorce tips.

Those are just a few of the offerings. Head over to WiseBread and check out all of the bountiful bloggings.

Tax Carnival coming up: Speaking of collected blog works, mark two upcoming dates on your calendars.

The 55th Carnival of Taxes will be posted on July 6. Yep, I know that's the Monday after the July Fourth weekend, so you might want to get your item (one per blogger and/or blog, please, and on taxes specifically) in before you take time off to celebrate.

You can, however, push the entry deadline if you want. I'll be taking Tax Carnival blog item suggestions until 11 p.m. Saturday, July 4. I'll admit right now, however, that I'm not likely to review the submissions until Sunday afternoon.

So check out the Tax Carnival's guidelines, then head over to our Blog Carnival submission page to send in your tax-related post for inclusion in Tax Carnival #55.


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