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Obama wins Fox poll photo finish

As part of the latest Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll, respondents were given a list of famous figures with whom they could have a picture made.

Overall, Barack Obama was the winner by an almost two-to-one margin, with 42 percent of those surveyed saying they would like to meet the president and have that session captured in a photo. Tiger Woods came in an uncharacteristic second place, with an overall percentage of 22.

But as you might expect, just like the election, the survey's numbers moved quite a bit when you consider the breakouts by political affiliation.

Dems for Obama: Democrats obviously were the most enthusiastic about meeting the new president. An overwhelming 68 percent said they would love to have a framed photo of themselves and Obama to place on their mantels.


The Pope came in second among Democrats, getting 16 percent.

If the Popemobile was part of the snapshot, that might have nudged Pope Benedict's number up a bit.

Woods came in third within this political party (and this poll), being the choice of just 8 percent of Democrats polled.

Obama takes Independents, too: Obama also was the top photo op choice of folks who classify themselves as Independents.

Thirty-eight percent of that voting demographic wanted a picture with the president, followed by 28 percent who chose Woods and 18 percent leaning toward the Pope.

Few GOP fans for 44: Not surprisingly, the 44th president wasn't the big draw for folks who said they belong to the GOP. A photo with Obama was the choice of only 16 percent of Republicans.

Instead, Woods was back in his accustomed finishing place, taking top honors with this group. Thirty-four percent of polled Republicans said they would like to photographically immortalize their meeting with the young golf great.

His Holiness came in second with the GOP survey participants, getting 31 percent of their votes.

Hard luck Hannah: The poll also offered respondents three other choices -- Hannah Montana, None and the always popular Don't Know. 

Billy Ray Cyrus' heart really must be achy breaky over these numbers. Overall, as well as in each affiliation breakdown, his daughter Miley's character was only able to tally single digits.     

Overall, the fictional Disney character appealed to only 5 percent of those polled, finishing last of the named choices selected by all groups.

The not-so-pretty picture doesn't get any brighter when you look at the separate results for Democrats, Independents and Republicans. In fact, Republicans and Independents said they'd rather forgo a photo with Miley altogether.

Twelve percent of Republicans opted for None, compared, to 7 percent who said they would like a photo with the young singer and actress.

And None got more than twice Hannah's votes among Independents, with 9 percent opting not to have a photo made with anyone, compared to just 4 percent who would stand by Hannah and smile for the camera.


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