April 15 means double tax duty for some
How I spent my tax season

Last-minute filing tips ... again

Earlier this week, I posted an item with an almost identical headline, Some final filing tips and warnings.

Today, just when folks are finding they need the information the most, I learn that some of the links in the piece are dead.

Not that I'm trying to pass the buck, but many of them went to a Web site for which I write and which has just completed a major design overhaul. In that process, some links are now bad.

I've found the new, live links and restored them in the earlier post. But so you don't have to even click through to it (although if you do, by all means go ahead), I've reproduced the most relevant section below.

Some last-minute filing guidance: If you can count some of your dry cleaning on your 2008 tax return [again, details on this tax break are in the earlier post], good for you. For some other possible deductions and more helpful last-minute tax hints, check out:

And don't forget, if you just can't complete all the paperwork by Wednesday, get an extension. Just send in Form 4868, either via snail mail postmarked by midnight April 15 or electronically by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday.

That will give you six more months to get your Form 1040 and all associated schedules and other forms filled out and to the IRS.

Remember, though, you still have to send in any tax you owe (or a good approximation thereof) with your extension request or the IRS will start tacking on interest and penalty charges.

Mea culpa redux: Again, sorry for any inconvenience. Heaven knows that all any of us need the day for the filing deadline is more hassle!


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