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The Ballad of Bernie Madoff

I love that this Ballad of Bernie Madoff video uses as its template one of the TV commercials about checking your credit reports.

Speaking of credit reports, it's a great idea to check your information each year. Even if you don't fall for a scam or a Ponzi scheme like Madoff perpetrated, someone still might get their unscrupulous hands on your personal data. It happened to me and trust me, identity theft is not fun to straighten out.

However, instead of the site mentioned in the TV commercial used as the basis for the Madoff tune, I recommend you use AnnualCreditReport.com. It's the only online site authorized by the Federal Trade Commission.

As Sally Borie of Austin’s Consumer Credit Counseling Service told me in Getting All the Credit You Deserve, “Other companies advertise similar services, but they will ask for your credit card numbers and will try to sell you a credit monitoring service, which you don't really need and which is difficult to cancel."

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