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Tax Carnival #50: Spring Tax Showers

Last week, Central Texas finally got some much-needed rain. It wasn't nearly enough to break our persistent drought, but here in Austin, we'll take any drops of moisture we can get!

Much the same situation apples to tax information. While it often seems we're drowning in tax filing responsibilities, there's always room for a steady flow of more tips on how to reduce what we owe the IRS.

Bluebonnet (2) Well, we aim to please here at the ol' blog, so welcome to Tax Carnival #50: Spring Tax Showers.

Here's hoping this sprinkling of tax bloggings will help you grow some sizable savings that are as pleasing as the spring flower photos scattered in this latest Carnival of Taxes. Unlike the hubby, who's a more orderly gardener, I like my flora -- and tax clippings -- in a bit wilder array. So in no particular order, I present for your reading pleasure our Carnival's tax bouquet.

We begin with nickel who, given the recent economic concerns, asks a sadly appropriate question: Are Unemployment Payments Taxable? Get the answer at

Jeff Tilley presents IRS Non-Filers, Part II, posted at IRS Tax Problems.

David Fontaine offers up What You Should Know Before You Roll Over Your 401k, posted at David Fontaine.

Another good question and answer comes from Destroy Debt: Can You Claim the $8,000 Credit for First Time Home Buyers? It's posted at Destroy Debt.

More on nest eggs, this time from Fine-Tuned Finances who presents  How to Get Tax Credits and Tax Deductions by Saving For Retirement. It's posted at Fine-Tuned Finances.

Ezra Swerdlow says that ideology and crisis are opening a door to a new dialog and the basis for a new and smarter tax policy. Details posted at Rough Fractals.

Daffodils (2) Steve Patterson has an intriguing suggestion: Don't Take Your Losses! Find out why at 2009 Taxes.

PT is chock full of good info with Tuesday Tax Tip: A Collection of Tax Tools, Calculators, and Guides, posted at Prime Time Money.

Hmmm. It seems a lot of folks are looking to retire. The Smarter Wallet presents Your Retirement Savings Account: How To Avoid Tax Problems. It's posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Dan Meyer has info on a new tax break, Partial Real Estate Tax Deduction Available Even for Non-Itemizers, posted at Tick Marks.

Help filing is always welcome, and several bloggers have tips for the Carnival.

FMF presents Review: TaxCut 2009, posted at Free Money Finance.

Surfer Sam presents wonders Who Will Prepare Your Income Tax Return This Year? Ten Questions to Ask Your Income Tax Preparer, posted at Surfer Sam and Friends.

Daisy (2) And Silicon Valley Blogger shares Preparing My Income Tax Return: How I Organize My Tax Documents. Get the scoop at The Digerati Life.

Some of our contributors also have given us some things to think about in addition to our regular filing duties.

Chief Family Officer presents The Return of the Marriage Penalty? You'll can find out yea or nay at Chief Family Officer.

Inquiring minds want know the answer to Jim's question: What Law Requires Us To Pay Taxes? Find the answer at Bargaineering.

David Gross takes a look at the new IRS Data Book and notes how tax delinquency and IRS enforcement efforts have been changing over the past several years. David's analysis is posted at The Picket Line.

And we close our spring tax shower extravaganza with the fittingly-named Jeff Rose, who tells us about 9 Tax Changes Affecting Individuals for 2009, posted at Good Financial Cents.

Dry river roses After such a bountiful collection, I'm going to stop for a while and smell the roses, the photo of which is included here comes from the hubby's hard work in our back yard. Thanks to all our contributors and of course to you readers.

The 51st Carnival of Taxes will be back here on Monday, March 30. By then many of us will be making the final push to get our returns done. You can help out by submitting your tax-related posting via our Blog Carnival page. Before doing so, you might want to check out our guidelines, as well as peruse previous carnivals.

And we'll see you back under the Tax Carnival tent in two weeks!


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