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Tax Carnival #49: Marching to Tax Day

March has arrived, bringing us that much closer to the April 15 tax filing deadline. So this third month of the year provides the title for the 49th Carnival of Taxes: Marching to Tax Day.

March lion lamb (2) March definitely came in like a lion, with taxpayers and tax experts alike roaring about the many tax provisions of the new American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Kim Greenblatt brings us The Fed Stimulus Deal Explained, posted at profitable.

Patrick at Cash Money Life presents Personal Tax Breaks in the 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan, posted at Cash Money Life.

Debt Freedom Fighter asks The Economic Stimulus Package: What Does it Mean to Me? Find DFF's answer at Discover Debt Freedom.

Nickel presents Taxpayer Benefits in the Economic Stimulus Package, posted at

Super Saver wants to know Tax Cuts in Stimulus Bill - Who Gets Help? Learn who at My Wealth Builder.

Several Carnivalistas got stimulus specific, with the new first-time homebuyer credit a popular topic.

Peter presents First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit of $8,000 in 2009 Economic Stimulus Package, posted at Bible Money Matters.

Madison presents $8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit, posted at My Dollar Plan.

Joe Manausa presents First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit, posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog.

Fine-Tuned Finances presents Get an $8,000 Tax Credit for Buying Your First Home in 2009, posted at Fine-Tuned Finances.

Jacqulyn Richey presents First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit, posted at Las Vegas Real Estate.

The workers' tax credit captured the attention of David Weliver, whose post $400 or $800 Making Work Pay Tax Credit can be found at Money Under 30.

Michael Cintolo has some issues with recent tax legislation in Tax Credits Sound Good, But .... It's posted at The Iconoclast Investor.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents My Stimulus Tax Credit: Should I Spend or Save My Tax Break? It's posted at The Digerati Life. tracks how our tax dollars could be spent. That’s a good intention, says Ellie Fields, but there’s room for improvement and offers suggestions in The Viz Police: Improving Digital Democracy on It’s posted at the Official Blog of Tableau Software.

Some previous legislation that's been extended is the subject of a post from Reba Haas, who takes a look at the extension of some provisions of the Mortgage Debt Relief Act. Details are in A small bit of good news for homeowners selling in short sale position, posted at Team Reba Real Estate.

And Dan Meyer looks at the new president's first budget in Obama: Tax Increases as a Part of Raising Revenues to Reduce the Budget Deficit. It's posted at Tick Marks.

Speaking of revenue, Barbara Brabec presents Tax Tips for Hobby Sellers: Are You "in Business" or Not? She looks at the tax implications of selling items made as a hobby. It’s posted at Handmade for Profit - Cashing in on Your Creativity!

What about not working any more? Several Carnival contributors look at retirement related tax situations.

Junior Boomer presents Required Minimum Distributions For Boomers, posted at Consumer Boomer.

Jeff Rose presents 7 Things To Know About The 2010 Roth IRA Conversion, posted at Jeff Rose.

Are you maxing out your 401(k) and IRA contributions every year and want a way to save more for retirement using a pretax method? Bank CD Rates says another way of stashing away pretax money for your retirement is in a health savings account (HSA). Read more at Health Savings Account as a Retirement Account? It’s posted at

Several of our Carnivalistas bring us some tried and true tax tips.

Steve presents The Smart Way to Give, posted at 2008 Taxes.

Matt takes a look tax-filing issues specific to post graduate students, especially medical students, in Filing Taxes as a Medical Student. It’s  posted at Finance for Physicians.

Kathryn presents Freelancer's Guide to Important Tax Deductions, posted at KathrynVercillo on Bukisa.

And Jeff Tilley tells us what happens if you don’t File Your Return on Time. It’s posted at IRS Tax  Problems.

Dave looks at some folks who reportedly did more than just miss a filing date in Tax Cheats, posted at Cheapo Groovo.

Phil says If a tax were placed on gas to keep the price at least $4.00 per gallon, then this would have a lot of consequences, some good and some bad. More on those ramifications in The Merits of a Much Higher Gas Tax, posted at Phil for Humanity.

We get a global view of taxes from Lubna Kably, who presents Law Street in The Economic Times (February). The column, posted at Talking Tax, takes a look at the heart of the taxman.

Trevor Shipp presents 5 Things I Learned From My Nightmarish Tax Season Last Year. Find the horror story at Financial Nut.

Maybe some tax help can help you avoid tax season terrors.

The Smarter Wallet presents Hiring A Tax Advisor? Ask Your Tax Planner These Questions First, posted at The Smarter Wallet

FMF recommends Four Steps to Take Before You Hire a Tax Preparer, posted at Free Money Finance.

Beth Gladstone presents How to file your taxes for free with the help of VITA and Walmart/United Way, posted at WalletPop Blog.

Kathryn says you can Get Your Taxes Done for Free! It's posted at Out of Debt - Christian Finances and Debt Help.

FIRE Finance presents TaxCut - Up to 36% OFF Discount Coupons, posted at FIRE Finance.

Pinyo presents TurboTax Online Income Tax Preparation Software Review, posted at Moolanomy.

Then there are the many ancillary tax issues.

Live Money Smart presents Tax Refund Anticipation Loans: Convenience or Fraud? It’s posted at Live Money Smart.

Jim presents IRS Tax Payment Plan: Don’t Pay Taxes With A Credit Card, posted at Bargaineering.

The David presents E-Filing Your Taxes May Cost More Than You Think, posted at Pimp Your Finances.

Our 49th Tax Carnival is winding down, so let’s take it out on a more gentle, lamb-like note with some refund-related ideas.

Maybe we all can help out David, who wants to know What Should I Do With My Tax Refund? It's posted at My Two Dollars.

Deposit Accounts presents Get the Most Out of Your Tax Refund, posted at Deposit Accounts.

And WC wraps things up with the thought-provoking query, Is Getting a Tax Refund Good or Bad? It's posted at The Writer’s Coin.

So ends Tax Carnival #49: Marching to Tax Day. Thanks for reading. Here's hoping you gleaned some information that will keep your tax season on a gentle-as-a-lamb, smooth path, rather than making you roar like a like a lion in filing frustration.

Be sure to join us again in two weeks. Tax Carnival #50 will be posted on March 16. Be a part of it by submitting a tax item via our Blog Carnival page by 11 p.m Central Time on Saturday, March 14.


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