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I'm back tracking!

I've admitted it many times: I am not that technically inclined. That's why I use Typepad. It has a support system that's been pretty darn helpful as I've learned about blogging on the fly over the years.

Well today, the support staff helped me discover where in the heck my TrackBacks had gone.

I always enjoy checking this nifty linking system that lets me see which of my fellow bloggers find what I have to say somewhat useful. But about a month ago, I noticed that my TrackBack feature wasn't showing any new ones.

Naturally, I was dismayed at this indication that my fellow tax and personal finance bloggers no longer found my ramblings relevant. But as I surfed those other sites, I ran across the stray mention of my little ol' blog.

So I set out to find out just what the problem was. Just as with the DVR and the VCR before it, despite my admitted shortcomings, I still enjoy a good battle with technology now and then.

And today I can claim victory! Yes, it took me longer than I intended, as the tax season and law changes and general IRS issues wouldn't stop long enough for me to deal with the matter exclusively. But I finally solved, thanks in large part to Zalary at TypePad, the mystery of the missing TrackBacks.

Canned spam Overdone Spam: Who knew my blog had a TrackBack spam filter? Obviously not me. And boy did it filter!

Write a couple of things about taxation of gambling winnings and every casino in the world, literally, wants to link to you.

Discuss enhancements to the tax code and you get all sorts of unsavory communiques about other types of enhancement.

And I had no idea I was so popular with Russian-based, or at least Russian-language, sites.

But I take full responsibility for the most disgusting of the spam. I knew better than to give Joe Francis any ink at all!

Unfortunately, all this increased filtering also caught the TrackBracks from some of my very reputable tax and personal finance blogging colleagues. Well, that misidentification has been straightened out.

So Joe and William and all you Tax Carnival contributors, please keep Tracking Back! I promise that all of you and your blogs are very, very welcome here!


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