IRS says financier owes $226 million
'Super Saturday' to offer free IRS help

Get to know me at MyVenturePad

I know that blogs are supposed to be more personal, but I really don't feel all that comfortable talking about myself. True, I've parceled out bits and pieces of information about myself periodically here on the ol' blog. I've always figured that's plenty.

But then Brian Roger of MyVenturePad, the online business community, dropped me a note. When Brian asked if I wanted to help the site kick off its Blogger of the Week feature, how could I say no?

Mvp_blogger (2) So I offered some scoop about myself and Brian pulled it together into a very nice piece. If you're interested, enjoy! If you're not, I won't take it personally!

But I do definitely recommend you give MVP a look. And if you're a small business person, consider joining.

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I enjoyed this!

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