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Filife logo (2) I recently discovered a new financial Web site, FiLife. Well, it's not new; it's been around for a couple of years.  But it's new to me.

And I didn't exactly discover it. One of FiLife's writers, Kristen Sullivan, got in touch with me.

Regardless of how we connected, I'm pleased to say we had a very nice conversation last week and there's online proof of our talk: Q&A with Tax Expert S. Kay Bell. As the FiLife site says, here's the short story:

S. Kay Bell, author of The Truth About Paying Fewer Taxes offers some advice for first-time tax filers,  savings tips for those claiming the standard deduction and more. As usual, she makes taxes sound so manageable...

I certainly appreciate Kristen's comment about how I make taxes sound manageable, as well as her assessment that "Bell’s conversational tone and helpful tips make the book a must-read (maybe even a "fun-read") for anyone looking to understand their taxes better."

Cool! A fun-read tax book! There are no nicer words for a tax geek to hear.

But I recommend you check out Kristen's story, not just for her kind words about my book (since I've already recounted them here!), but for the tax advice I shared. And if you want more tax news -- and who doesn't? -- FiLife has its own tax section.

Truth_About_Paying_Fewer_Taxes_SKB-book Win a copy of my book: Want to make up your own mind about The Truth About Paying Fewer Taxes?

Just drop me an e-mail at dontmesswithtaxes @ and tell me that, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson, you can handle tax truths.

Put "I want the tax truth" in the subject line, include your mailing address and get it in my e-mail box by midnight Central DST Sunday, March 29.

I'll use to pick the winner and ship it off to the address you provide. Thanks and good luck!


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