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Another effort to ax private tax collectors

SF treasurer issues wrong tax bills

The San Francisco Treasurer mistakenly sent out a batch of erroneous collection notices last week to city businesses.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle's City Insider blog, the Treasurer's phone system was jammed, prompting folks who wanted to challenge the fee to come down to City Hall in person.

One person who received a letter told the paper that the business assessed a $310 tax bill had closed three years ago. Even worse, the tax claim was from 1992.

The owner of the former business argued the bill, but noted that other taxpayers might just trust the city and pay up.

Thanks San Franciscans for the good advice to always double check every bill, be it from your credit card company or an official tax collector.


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Dont mess with your income either Kay, One good New Years Resolution is to join other bloggers and take a step towards transparency from the companies who profit from your blog writing by NOT writing April 15, 2010.

Let private companies like Lijit and public one’s like Google know: you know they have not been transparent about what they make from our blogs; what % they share with US, the people creating the content they use and re-sell at great profit.

If you can’t keep your fingers from working on April 15th, 2010, then ask companies like Lijit, Google, or any other currently profiting from you blog this basic question:

What do you make from my work? What % are you sharing with me?

Your UNION, P.U.B., Publisher’s Union of Bloggers, has asked these simple questions from companies such as Lijit and Google, and they have either not answered (Google) or used personal attacks and threatened legal action against P.U.B. and its members (Lijit).

Why? Google, Lijit, and other’s profiting from publishers plan on there being no power among independent, freethinking writers. 'They will never act as a group, never ask us to be transparent, we can pay them whatever we want, if anything'

Is your creative work worth asking this simple question?
Then ask it, April 15th, 2010, and tell your publishing peers to ask for it too.

Keep up the good work, there's a lot of new tax laws this year, your site is a Godsend.


Barney Moran
Founder, P.U.B.

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