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Long-time readers know that I'm a total fangirl of TaxProf Blog. This comprehensive compendium of taxing-good blogginess was one of the first resources I found when I started Don't Mess With Taxes back in late 2005.

I got an even bigger thrill when, in January 2006, TaxProf's author Paul Caron mentioned my then-new blog in his look at the growth of tax blogging.

Best-blogs-icon So you can imagine how jazzed I was when I discovered that this past week Don't Mess With Taxes made TaxProf's list of Top 10 Tax Blogs. He compiled the collection for

As notes in its introduction, Caron is Associate Dean of Faculty and Charles Hartsock Professor of Law at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Caron does that while also penning TaxProf Blog, "the most popular tax blog on the Internet and the most popular law-focused blog edited by a single law professor."

All I can say about being tapped by such a respected member of the tax community is Wow! And thanks. I'll definitely do my best to continue to earn the positive notice.

Oh yes, I also can say check out all the fine tax blogs that TaxProf, in alphabetical order, cites:

And thanks, too, to my Taxpayer Advocacy Panel colleague, law student and new tax blogger Justin for seeing TaxProf's list before I did and tipping me to it.


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