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Astrology and assets?

In tough economic times, people look for any edge, including celestial help.

I'm not talking about faith that things will work out or asking for financial guidance from the usual source. Rather, some folks are relying on astrology to help them handle their money.

CNN correspondent Brooke Baldwin has the details in the video report below.

I try not to be too judgmental, but I sure hope that none of these folks has a whole lot riding on when Jupiter aligns with Mars. This is right up there with tax horoscopes when it comes to credibility.

In my book, if you're going to an astrologer for financial planning, then you're asking for trouble.


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The Wall Street Journal has its own Astrologer. Doesn't seem to be hurting them any. I figure I'll do the best I can on my taxes and astrology is just another tool. I use astrology to pick the best weekend on which to review my math and receipts and then another date for when to see our tax guy so he can file the papers. I don't see how this is a risk at all. So far so good!


I can't copy and paste it for some reason, but check the footnote on page 5:

A magical toad statue in Japan was controlled billions of dollars.

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