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Truth_About_Paying_Fewer_Taxes_SKB-book My book, "The Truth About Paying Fewer Taxes," is out, at least from mail-order outlets.

I've gotten some copies (note to friends and family: guess what you're getting for birthday presents!). And now comes the fun part -- waiting.

Waiting for sales numbers. Waiting for reviews.

That latter wait is over. The first review (that I know of) is in from fellow blogger Jim at Bargaineering.

Now it's time to get more "Truth" out, literally.

If you'd like your own copy of my book, just leave a comment here at this post by 10 p.m Central, Wednesday, Jan. 28. I'll randomly select three folks and send y'all each a signed copy.


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Justin Hein

I would love a book!

Richard Ellis

Going to buy this book for myself then pass it around to friends and family

Kris Gerber

I'd like to win it before I buy it.


Sounds like a great book to add to my library!


Your blog is relevant and interesting! Thank you. Found you via Our Tax Times. Would love to read/win your book.


I'm in. I am pretty scared of taxes.. So, I guess, your book will go a long way eliminating that fear!


I would love a copy. Thanks for the work you put in and info you provide here.


I would love to receive a copy of your book! Thank you.


I'm in!

Funny about Money

Sure, I'd like an opportunity for a copy of the book. Just discovered your blog at Bargaineering...and definitely will be back!


Gotta have it!


Would love to have a copy, thanks for the contest


I promise, I will read the book if I get one!

Steve C.

I'd love a copy! Hope you have good sales.


I was laid off today. :) I'd love a free book on paying fewer taxes!

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