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Tax pros, vent here!

Tax preparers are about to be seriously bogged down as filing season kicks into high gear.

And in many cases, these folks also are going to be fighting the urge to tell off some of their clients.

Why? Because too many folks head to their tax pro's office totally unprepared.

Profanity_cursing (2) Since it's unprofessional for you customer-dependent tax pros to light into these annoying clients, I want to give you the chance to do so from a safe distance. You can vent here!

Drop me an e-mail (the link's about midway down the right column) or add a comment to this post about what you want (or wish) your clients would do. I also want to hear about what they do that drives you crazy. And if you have any gold-star clients, tell us why they get that rank.

I'll compile the rants, raves, any kudos and general venting in an upcoming blog post.

I put out this call to financial professionals on Twitter and already have some good examples of accountants' filing season hopes and more examples of bad client behavior.

But in the interest of presenting as complete a picture as possible, I'm opening up the ol' blog for additional tax preparer, accountant, CPA and tax attorney comments here, too.

So tax pros, let me hear from you!


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Jan Dillaha

I LOVE my clients and I LOVE what we do....

Please, please, please read my letter that comes to you with your return. When I say that "please keep us informed of any significant changes in your financial affairs." I don't mean that you should wait until March 20 when you call for appointment to tell me that your Aunt Lydia died last August and you got 140k from her IRA accounts in October.

I am here to help. Please call me when things happen so that we can offer strategy instead of making the best of bad decisions.

end rant

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