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When I started blogging about taxes just over three years ago, my sweet hubby wanted to make sure that I didn't get frustrated with or disappointed by the endeavor. "Honey, you'll probably need to pace yourself," he told me. "You don't want to run out of things to write about."

I appreciated his concern, but as a certified (or certifiable) tax geek, I was confident that I'd have no trouble coming up with tax matters to discuss on a regular basis. But even I was surprised at just how much tax material is out there. Often I have to restrain myself or I'll end up just blogging about taxes all day instead of doing my "real" job.

10 mph speed limit sign (2) Another, even better surprise, is that during these last three years, I've learned how many people, as readers or fellow bloggers, are interested in what used to be considered an esoteric topic. There are a lot of very fine personal finance and tax bloggers out there. And that fact makes me doubly delighted to be chosen by Tax Rascal to be part of both of his Top 10 tax blog lists.

I'll let him tell you why he put together his list of 2008's Top 10 tax blogs:

The Taxosphere has a huge variety of writers, from folks who offer sound personal finance advice to those who focus on the theoretical aspects of taxes. But what the Taxosphere doesn't have is a quick list of the best resource for learning more about taxes, and more about what bloggers have to say about taxes. Below, I present a highly subjective, far from exhaustive list of the top ten tax bloggers.

In addition to Don't Mess With Taxes, Tax Rascal taps:

Then there's his list of Top 10 tax-related posts of the year. In putting this collection together, Tax Rascal notes:

It's been an amazing year for political and economic commentators. We’ve had an historic election, an even more historic financial crisis, and an unprecedented spending plan that’s sure to lead to some new taxes down the road. At the forefront of describing, predicting, and explaining the events have been bloggers. I’d like to present a list — once again, highly subjective and far from complete, and this time in no particular order — of the ten best tax-related blog posts of 2008

The topics that made the list range from international stock markets to taxes and the willingness to work to the case for windfall taxes to wealthy tax cheaters (mine!) and, obviously, more. They all are well worth your time to check out.

You'll also want to browse Tax Rascal's blog.

True to his name, the Rascal more often than not adds a mischievous sensibility to the serious world of taxes and still manages to give the subject its appropriate consideration.

Thanks, Tax Rascal, for including me on your 2008 lists. I'll do my best to make it back in 2009!


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