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Regular readers know that I love movies. One of the greatest things about being self-employed is the ability to head to the local theater and take in a weekday matinee. FYI, here in the greater Austin area, Tuesdays are free popcorn days for Regal Crown Club members.

My affection for film means that every chance I get, I incorporate cinematic or film industry references in stories and blog items. Don't believe me? Just click here for the money and/or tax and movie connections so far in the ol' blog. Trust me. This category will grow.

And today, ticket holders, I have a triple feature for you.

Money_messages_in_movies Yes, I am pulling from the classics vault the story I did many years ago (and most recently blogged about here) on the money lessons I learned from watching movies.

I know some of the flix in Lights! Camera! Money! are a bit dated since the feature first ran five or so years ago on Bankrate.com, but I still love them all. In fact, I caught Gone in 60 Seconds, with a young Angelina before she morphed into Super Mom, on cable the other night. And the money messages in each movie still hold up quite nicely, if I say so myself.

For our second film today, I present the Top 10 Hollywood credit card movies. This CreditCards.com production is from a couple of my longtime personal finance buddies (hey Dan and Jay!).

And today's third screening is Lights, cameras, accountant! Thanks to TravisWolff Independent Advisors & Accountants in Dallas (aka @TravisWolff over on Twitter) for bringing to my attention this look at how numbers crunchers have been portrayed in films throughout the years.

I find it particularly interesting that two out of three of us financial film critics found a way to get fiscal meaning out of Johnny Depp movies. Of course, it's probably not that surprising when you realize that the two of us who did -- myself and Christina Ko -- are chicks. Jay and Dan, I think y'all just didn't look at all of Johnny's credits!

Surely Johnny's been in a movie with a credit card hook. That's my next finance in films quest!


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Travis Wolff - Dallas accounting firm

Thanks for the mention!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the list of movies. I've got the Johnny Depp ones in my Netflix queue now awaiting viewing. Hoping they're yummy.


Dan Ray

Thanks, Kay! And expect another of Jay's unique perspectives on the site soon.

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