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Happy Blog Birthday to Me!

Three years ago today, I posted my first item on Don't Mess With Taxes. I wasn't quite sure what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to start a dialog on money matters and mostly talk about my favorite topic of taxes.

Third birthday Since then, I've cranked out almost 1,700 posts and received nearly as many comments, not to mention gotten direct e-mails from readers worldwide about various tax and money issues.

There have been a couple of design changes and countless widgets and electronic tchotchkes thrown up on the ol' (well, young) blog page. Some have worked out, some haven't.

And I still have more plans to improve the blog and ways I offer information … as soon as I can find the time!

Even better, since I started this grand experiment on Nov. 14, 2005, I've made many e-friends, in the personal finance community and beyond, as well as connected with lots of interesting folks via social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

All in all, Don't Mess With Taxes has been a great addition to my life, both on a personal and professional level. I hope you readers are having as much fun as I am.

If you'll keep on reading and sending in the e-cards and letters, I'll keep plugging along. After all, I don't think our taxes or money concerns are going anywhere soon!

Now, though, I'm calling it a day and heading downstairs to raise a glass in celebration of blog birthday #3. Cheers!


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Happy blog birthday late! Like you thought I'd be on time... Sheesh, I get an extension on my taxes every year so I figure I get an extra 6 months for this, too, right?

Your blog is consistently a funny and interesting read, something that I think only a handful of folks can pull off. I look forward to many more years of reading!

Luis Rodriguez

Happy Belated Blog Birthday!!! You've done so well in the first 3 year...even survived the terrible 2s!

Dan Ray

Congratulations on your blogiversary, Kay!You've created an outstanding go-to resource for anyone wanting to know anything about ugh taxes!

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