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Final filing deadline is tomorrow, Oct. 15

The IRS says that back in April, about 10 million of us asked for more time to complete our tax forms.

That grace period is about to expire.

Just in case you've been so obsessed by the economy or politics, I wanted to make sure you knew that you had to complete your Form 1040 (or 1040A or 1040EZ) and get it on its way to the IRS by tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 15.

I finally finished up ours yesterday and hubby is on his way to the Post Office right now.

Mailbox_texas_and_wildlfowers_2 That's right, we are mailing the paperwork.

When we filed for the extension, we did pay our tax bill electronically at no cost via EFTPS. That's the IRS payment option that allows you to transfer money directly from your bank account to Uncle Sam. You can type that acronym into the search box (under "What are you looking for?" about midway down the right column) and find links to blog items about my encounters with this e-payment system.

But to meet this final filing deadline, we're not going to pay $15 or so to e-file the form. That's three grande Frappuccinos!

That's right. My addition to overly-sweetened coffee drinks means we're sending our 2007 tax paperwork by certified mail, return receipt requested, for about a third of the e-file cost.

Next year we'll probably go totally electronic, as all the major tax software manufacturers plan to let folks who purchase their desktop programs e-file for free.

Today, though, we're making sure the mail carrier earns his or her money and making my local Starbucks barrista very happy!


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