Property problems for Charles Rangel
What's a little white lie among politicians?

What are you giving up to save money?

With necessities such as food and gas taking bigger bites out of your budget, are you forgoing some little luxuries that previously you never worried about?

There is, of course, the cliche half-caf soy latte, but you could be buying store brands (aka private label) cereals or simply not going out, either for a meal or a movie.

Chocolate_candy_bar2 Marketplace, the American Public Media program that airs on NPR stations nationwide, found one Minneapolis business owner who is betting (hoping) consumers won't let the sinking economy beat their love of chocolate. You can listen to the story, or read the transcript.

But almost $7.50 for a candy bar? Is that before or after the snack tax that a lot of jurisdictions tack onto some edibles? Either way, that chocolatier is relying on a lot of cocoa love!

That price makes my weekly Frappucino look reasonable. And yes, for now I'm still picking one up after I finish my regular weekly grocery shopping.

Have you given up some little luxury, at least for now, to save a few bucks?


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twenties money

I didn't really give up my starbucks habit I stepped it up. My wife got a part time job at Starbucks to get out of the house and get a few hours a day away from our 2 year old. Everyday she brings me a coffee home which she gets as part of her daily allowance and each week I get a free bag of coffee :P

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