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Just another quick note about natural disasters and your taxes.

The IRS maintains this page, Tax Relief in Disaster Situations, adding updated information throughout the year as all types of catastrophes, not just hurricanes, hit.

But don't forget about your state taxes, too. That's not an issue here in Texas for individual filers, but in most other states, revenue collectors also might make tax exceptions for their residents in times of horribly exceptional weather.

Satellite image of Hurricane Ike en route to Texas.
Courtesy of National Hurricane Center.

In Mississippi, for example, the State Tax Commission has just announced that it will follow the federal extensions granted for Louisiana residents directly affected by Hurricane Gustav.

Yes, it's a bit confusing.

The IRS granted Louisiana residents some tax filing relief in the wake of Gustav, but did not offer such accommodations to Mississippi federal filers.

The state of Mississippi, however, is giving its residents extra time to take care of state tax tasks along the lines laid out by the feds for neighboring Louisiana.

The message for all state taxpayers is to check with your own state tax officials, too, if you are in a disaster zone. You might also get a break from your state folks or, as in the case of Mississippi residents, just from your state tax officials.

This clickable map will take you to your state's tax office.


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