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The women of personal finance

First, to those of you who clicked here expecting something else -- a calendar, pehaps? -- sorry.

Secondly, I can't believe you thought that kind of stuff would show up here on the ol' blog!

Don't Mess With Taxes is a serious site; OK, mostly serious. And this is one of those down to business postings, specifically on the role and reach of female personal finance bloggers.

Just about this time last year several of us were exchanging our thoughts on women who blog about money.

Gender_symbols_2 The topic started out as, "Why don't more women blog about personal finance?" When the answer came back, "Lots of us do!," the discussion shifted to, "Why don't women writers on money topics seem to get the same recognition, in the blogosphere and beyond, as do men?"

We're still trying to find an answer.

Not to get too girl-powerish about it, but there are lots of fine female voices online dispensing solid financial advice. But we still seem to lag when it comes to similar offerings by men bloggers.

What I wrote last September in Women, men and money still holds true. In a nutshell, there are some gender differences in how women and men approach money and its management. And those differences affect what we tend to write about, how we write it and how others perceive the financial info we share.

But we are making progress, both with our money and our blogging efforts. We got a big boost this week from Lynn at Wise Bread who compiled a very, very long List of Top Personal Finance Blogs by Women.

I'm pleased to report that Don't Mess With Taxes and several other tax-focused bloggers -- Talking Taxtaxgirl, Tax Mama -- are part of the roll call. I encourage you to check out them and the rest of my fellow female (hmmm? that's an interesting turn of phrase) financial bloggers.

And we're definitely equal opportunity, so this invitation to enjoy the writings of the Women of Personal Finance extends to you guys, too!


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