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Judge to Snipes: Pay up!

Yeah, I'm tired of Wesley Snipes, too, but at least this time the news about his tax fraud conviction is good for the rest of the taxpayer public.

Due_bill_with_border Snipes has been ordered by a federal district judge to pay $217,363.75 to cover the government's prosecution costs.

Here's the itemized bill:

  • $2,456.40 for daily trial transcripts
  • $193,716.98 for scanning, printing and numbering documents
  • $21,052.19 for witnesses
  • $138.18 for certification and copying of trial exhibits

The court-ordered amount is $40,323.99 less than the bill Assistant U.S. Attorney M. Scotland Morris had submitted. The big difference is in connection with witness-related fees.

Now we just have to wait and see when Snipes actually pays his court tab.

For more details, check out the magistrate's recommendation that detailed the costs and the court order that accepted them.


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