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It  sounded like a good idea. Pay $20,000 to get out of a $300,000 tax bill.

Unfortunately, it wasn't an offer in compromise arrangement from Florida construction company owner Randy Nowak.

Hitman Rather, it was the amount Nowak allegedly offered a hitman to kill the IRS agent who was auditing him. However, the guy Nowak thought was a gun for hire was an undercover FBI agent.

In addition to trying to avoid the $300,000 that the audit indicated he owed, Nowak allegedly was worried that the examination process would reveal the $4 million he had stashed in offshore accounts.

Now Nowak gets to add attorney's fees to his financial and tax troubles.

He's due in court Friday to face the formal charge of attempting to murder an employee of the United States, specifically the IRS, related to the performance of her official duties. If convicted, Nowak could face a maximum of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

Read more about the case and arrest at Tampa Bay Online, Accounting Web and Associated Press,


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