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Massachusetts 2008 tax holiday
is officially on the books!

Not to run this in the ground, but I'm getting lots of questions about the tax holiday in Massachusetts this year.

Bay State shoppers have been on pins and needles since their legislators last week approved a brief tax holiday on items worth $2,500 or less (blogged about here).

And Gov. Deval Patrick said all along that he would make the measure law.

But we know talk is cheap, especially when it comes to politicians, right? So we've been waiting for Patrick to put pen to paper. Well, he finally did!

So start making your lists, Massachusetts shoppers, and get ready to hit the stores for mostly sales-tax-free purchases on Aug. 16 and 17.

Elsewhere in tax holiday land: For some of you other readers, there's a chance your state might be offering a tax holiday, too.

Fourteen states and the District of Columbia have them scheduled for this month. Georgia's is already under way.

Find details and links for the back-to-school tax holidays in this blog post.


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