Housing bill almost official
Tax holidays 2008 start this weekend

Carnival of Personal Finance #163

Whew! What a week it's been and it's only Tuesday!

I need a break. So what better way to kick back and relax but to check out some of the great personal finance blogging that's been going on while I've been submerged in the housing bill. Yes, housing is a key financial consideration, but there are many other money matters we all should pay attention to.

Well, not to worry. Jesse at You Need a Budget has tracked some the blogosphere's finest financial wisdom and put it into the 163rd Carnival of Personal Finance

Among my favorites this week are:

Oh yeah. My item on the many state sales-tax holidays that will kick-off the back-to-school shopping season this weekend also is part of Carnival of Personal Finance #163. Enjoy it and all the other money blog rides!


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My Dollar Plan

Glad you enjoyed my article! Now that I've decided I can't wait to be done...


Thanks a lot for the mention of my article, glad you enjoyed it.


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