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In case you want to take some time off from your shopping at Memorial Day holiday sales, tax-free or otherwise, and find out exactly when you'll get the rebate money to help pay for those purchases, here are your money-tracking options.

Since you're reading this, you are obviously very online savvy. So let's start there.

When it comes to finding the status of money you're due from the IRS, the agency offers two online tracking tools:

If, however, you prefer to call and actually bug a human -- and we all need some personal interaction now and then -- you can dial the IRS' special hotlines:

  • Rebate status (866) 234-2942 
  • Refund status (800) 829-1954

Both numbers are toll-free. The same recorded woman's voice answers each line.

And if you call either, but especially the number to check on your economic stimulus payment, be prepared to enjoy some classical tunes while you're on hold.


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